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The Eamon Collection is a set of five archives created by EAG president Tom Zuchowski in 1995 that contain nearly all the 80-column ProDOS Eamon adventures available at the time, as well as other materials including reviews, lists, tutorials, and databases. Zuchowski posted the collection to GEnie and noted in its description that all of the files in The Eamon Collection were also available in the library as individual downloads; the collection was simply "for the convenience of those who want everything."

The collection's archives are saved as BXY files created with ShrinkIt 3.4. These are their file names and GEnie library numbers:

Filename GEnie #
EAMON.80.1.BXY 31986
EAMON.80.2.BXY 31987
EAMON.80.3.BXY 31988
EAMON.80.4.BXY 31989
EAMON.80.5.BXY 31990

The collection was also carried over to the Delphi software library.

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