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January 1996




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The Library

A revised Eamon game list is here, since the previous list was not complete.

DOS 3.3: Library 42
ProDOS 8: Library 33
GS specific: Library 21

Eamon Stuff

DOS 3.3 Masters, Samples, and Some of TomZ's Favorites:

24544 E.DOS33.001.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Master Disk (required to play Eamon)
24677 E.DOS33.042.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Alt. Beginners Cave (easy)
24883 E.DOS33.124.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Assault on Dolni Keep (intermediate)
24911 E.DOS33.138.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Starfire (easy)
24976 E.DOS33.169.BXY Dos 3.3 Eamon The Black Phoenix (sf)
25052 E.DOS33.194.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Attack of the Kretons (funny!)
25094 E.DOS33.204.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Sanctuary (advanced)
24542 E.DOS33.D62.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Dungeon Designer v6.2
24535 E.DOS33.D71.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Dungeon Designer v7.1
24543 E.DOS33.GMH.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Graphics Main Hall
25421 E.DOS33.UTL.BXY DOS 3.3 EAG Eamon Utilities

ProDOS Masters, Samples, and Some of TomZ's Favorites:

16219 EAMON.001.BXY ProDOS Eamon Master/Main Hall (required to play)
15698 EAMON.124.BXY 80-col. P8 Assault on Dolni Keep (intermediate)
15699 EAMON.138.BXY 80-col. P8 Starfire (easy)
17043 EAMON.169.BXY 80-col. P8 The Black Phoenix (sf)
11767 EAMON.P.191.BXY ProDOS Enhanced Beginners Cave (easy)
16034 EAMON.194.BXY 80-col. P8 Attack of the Kretons (funny!)
18011 EAMON.204.BXY 80-col. P8 Sanctuary (advanced)
24532 EAMON.DDD71.BXY ProDOS Eamon Dungeon Designer v7.1
15702 EAMON.GMH.BXY ProDOS 'Graphics Main Hall'
24534 EAMON.UTL.BXY Desc: ProDOS EAG Eamon Utilities
16750 STARTER.KIT.BXY Very Best role playing system!
16728 BEST.EAMONS.BXY An incredible role-play experience!

General Eamon Information Files:

25212 EAMON.KEYWD.TXT Describes the Eamon keyword scheme
25505 EAMON.LISTS.BXY Updates of six Eamon Lists
11842 EAMON.MAPS.BXY Misc. Eamon maps
23000 EAMON.REV1.BXY Reviews of Eamon Adventures
23001 EAMON.REV2.BXY Reviews of Eamon Adventures
23002 EAMON.REV3.BXY Reviews of Eamon Adventures

Have FUN!