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Section excerpted from the March 1996 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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March 1996


Douglas Cuff


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January Arrivals

by Douglas Cuff

This month, I'd like to list all the files that have been uploaded to the A2 RoundTable libraries during January. Since there are so many — 127! — I can't examine them in detail, but the short description provided should give you an idea of what the file is all about.

Let's dive right in, shall we?



File # Filename Bytes Short description
26363 EAMON.237.BXY 54512 40/80-col. P8 Fiends of Eamon
26335 EAMON.DOS05.BXY 781792 Eamon Collection: DOS 3.3 Disk 5
26407 EAMON.DOS06.BXY 795092 Eamon Collection: DOS 3.3 Disk 6
26454 EAMON.DOS07.BXY 752452 Eamon Collection: DOS 3.3 Disk 7
26463 EAMON.DOS08.BXY 747916 Eamon Collection: DOS 3.3 Disk 8
26430 EAMON.REV4.BXY 55612 Reviews of Eamon Adventures
26455 TUFFENUFF.BXY 38556 New course for Mean 18.
26392 TREASURE.BXY 3456 Find the hidden treasures!