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Section excerpted from the March 1997 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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March 1997


Tom Zuchowski et al


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Hot topics

Caloke closes

I just learned that Carl Kenepaske, owner of Caloke Industries, has died suddenly. Caloke is consequently out of business.

Carl was a really good guy to work with. He set a very high standard for quality service in the mail-order public-domain software trade. He and Caloke will be sorely missed.

To my knowledge this leaves Kula Software as the only mail-order vendor dealing in 8-bit public-doman software in general and Eamon in particular. If anyone knows of any others, I would like to hear of them.

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>>>>> What about Joe Kohn-SSII?, and I think Adrian Vance still sells a large line at large prices.

But it is very sad to hear about Carl and Caloke Industries.

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<<<<< To my knowledge Joe carries very few public-domain titles that will run on all 8-bit Apple II's. If he does, his lack of a paper catalog will keep that fact well obscured from his potential 8-bit customer base (including me), particularly those not on the WWW.

Adrian Vance deals exclusively in educational titles and titles that can be construed as having educational value. And, as you noted, his prices make him unaffordable anyway.

Caloke was the finest resource that the low-end Apple II user had, with thousands of DOS 3.3 titles in his paper catalog. The only dealer that had a similar inventory was the long-departed Aspen Software. Even Kula doesn't carry the range of stuff that Caloke had. This is a severe blow for the Apple II+ user, if nothing else.

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>>>>> Re: Distributors of public domain software
When I wrote my book about running computer camps in '93-'94, the following people were distributing public domain software: (1) The American Public Domain Club (APDC); (2) Big Red Computer Club (BRCC); (3) Caloke Industries; (4) Christella Enterprise; (5) Creative Solutions; (6) Dan Hadley; (7) Software of the Month Club; and (8) tca Software. I know that 1, 2, 3, and 6 are no longer in business. Addresses for the others (3 years ago) were:

Christella Enterprise, PO Box 82205, Rochester, MI 48308-2205
Creative Solutions, Box 340850, Beavercreek, OH 45434 513-429-5759
Software of the Month Club, 5816 Dryden Place, Carlsbad, CA 92008; 619-931-8111
tca Software, 9936 Gaithersburg, MD 20879-7706

I had Kula and SSII in the book, also, but listed elsewhere. The Caloke and Christella listings had a lot in common. The tca list was much shorter, but selective, and included some accurate reviews. The Software of the Month Club, as the name suggests, sent you stuff monthly. Folks on GEnie said they weren't careful about copyrights. Creative Solutions answered my request for information, but I never ordered from them. They had about 175 titles.

Does anyone know if any of the above still have Apple II titles?

Most of the Adrian Vance titles were his, by the way. He ships orders promptly, but... If you want his address, ask me by email.

Eric ( o= =o === =ooo oo oo= == )
(J.SCHONBLOM, CAT4, TOP46, MSG:49/M645;1)

<<<<< Last time I wrote Christella, about a year ago, the letter was returned MOVED, FORWARDING EXPIRED.

Unless they have realy cleaned up their act, I would hesitate to recommend Software of the Month Club, if they still do Apple II. Last I heard of them several years ago, they were bundling the ProDOS Eamon master disk with DOS 3.3 Eamon adventures. When users complained, they were told to simply copy the DOS 3.3 files to a ProDOS disk, which decidedly does not work.

I don't have any information on the others. I never got a satisfactory correspondence going with them.

(A2.TOMZ, CAT4, TOP46, MSG:50/M645;1)

>>>>> Actually, two good sources of Apple II public domain/freeware/shareware that come out regularly are The Appleworks Gazette and Juiced.GS's Shareware Collection.

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