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Section excerpted from the February 1997 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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February 1997


Tom Zuchowski


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A2Pro Bits & Bytes

No Buffers Available

What kinds of things can cause the NO BUFFERS AVAILABLE error under ProDOS? Can anything besides lack of free memory cause this error?

A guy named Adam Myrow is randomly seeing this message as he is writing an Eamon adventure. He is blind and uses talking software. The Eamon program uses a machine-code extension that resides in protected space at the top of free RAM. I'm guessing that the talking software is conflicting with the Eamon ML extension, but the problem surfaces randomly and Adam has not seen any patterns that would point to anything specific. He says he has seen it when FRE(0) shows 6K of free RAM.

I don't actually expect to work out a solution here, and Adam says he can live with it, but I am posting in case someone has any insights on what might be going on and how to avoid it.

(A2.TOMZ, CAT7, TOP7, MSG:84/M530;1)

>>>>> No Buffers Available can occur if one of these commands (append, cat, catalog, exec, open, or -[dash]) is used when eight files are already open, or if there is not enough free memory for a 1K buffer to be assigned.

(A2.CHARLIE, CAT7, TOP7, MSG:85/M530;1)

>>>>> NO BUFFERS AVAILABLE will happen any time you try to load data into memory that's marked as USED in the global page.

F'rinstance, if you try to load a file on top of BASIC.SYSTEM's memory (or ProDOS's memory), you'll get this error.

Eric "Sheppy" Shepherd
Logicware, Inc.
(SHEPPY, CAT7, TOP7, MSG:86/M530;1)