Esparea Cay

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"A small coral island that curves in a narrow crescent..." (Cayo Bolivar, Colombia)

Esparea Cay is a small coral island in the Malphigian Sea, mentioned by Pat Hurst in the Eamon Gazetteer and featured in his adventure Buccaneer!. Its position relative to the harbor at Evenhold is approximately 1 west and 3 south, expressed in Weyren Strides.

The island is shaped like a crescent whose tips point north, with groves of citrus trees growing at the eastern end of the island and palm trees at the west. Carved wooden tikis stand near each end of the island, both of which are bound demons that may be released if touched by one who is unclean.

Near the center of Esparea Cay is a village consisting of grass shacks where a patriarchal society of friendly native islanders lives, subsisting on coconut meat and fish caught using spears.