Malphigian Sea

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Map from the Eamon Gazetteer

The Malphigian Sea is a large body of water situated mostly west and south of Evenhold on the world of Eamon, described by Pat Hurst in the Eamon Gazetteer and shown most fully in his sea-faring adventure Buccaneer!; it's also mentioned by name in Thomas Ferguson's A Runcible Cargo. Unnamed references to a sea or ocean near the Main Hall in other adventures are also usually assumed to refer to the Malphigian.

Hurst's descriptions of the Malphigian show it to be a shallow tropical sea filled with coral reefs, small islands, and abundant animal life, frequently traversed by sailing shifts carrying out trade, military patrols, or piracy.


Among the numerous islands in the Malphigian are the following described in Buccaneer!. The coordinates for each represent the distance west and south of the harbor at Evenhold, expressed in Weyren Strides, with the "distance" column indicating the straight-line distance from the harbor.

Name West South Distance
Esparea Cay 1 3 3.2
Burning Rock 2 5 5.4
Melosia 5 2.5 5.6
Serpent Isle 8 5 9.4
Leanda Atoll 6 12 13.4
Cormorant Island 9 10 13.5