Serpent Isle

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"You see a small snake with wide bands of red and black separated by narrow bands of yellow."

Serpent Isle is a tropical island in the Malphigian Sea, mentioned by Pat Hurst in the Eamon Gazetteer and featured in his adventure Buccaneer!. Its position relative to the harbor at Evenhold is approximately 8 west and 5 south, expressed in Weyren Strides. The island's name comes from the unusual profusion of dangerous snakes that inhabit it, including anacondas, asps, bushmasters, boa constrictors, coral snakes, kraits, fer-de-lance, horned vipers, king cobras, pythons, puff adders, and sea snakes.

The isle is thick with jungle vegetation, though trails winds around the entire perimeter of the island and in to a central clearing. On the east side of the island is a lagoon and the remains of a village, one the native islanders were forced to abandoned when the snake infestation became overwhelming.