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The Adventure Program, known on ProDOS disks as the Leadin Program, is a small BASIC program standard on all Eamon adventure disks from the Eamon Adventurer's Guild.


DOS 3.3

The program "EAMON ADVENTURE #2" from The Lair of the Minotaur

On DOS 3.3 disks, the program's filename is EAMON ADVENTURE #NN, where NN is the adventure number. The program shows a single screen of information that displays the adventure's title and number, then gives the following boilerplate message, or some variant of it:

The Eamon fantasy gaming system was developed by Donald Brown
[Adventure title] was developed by [adventure author]
Non-commercial distribution encouraged
To use this diskette requires an Eamon Master Diskette which must be booted up on

Later adventures in the series usually have the following text which recognizes the contributions of NEUC president John Nelson:

The Eamon gaming system was developed by Don Brown & John Nelson
[Adventure title] was written by [adventure author]
To run this adventure, you must book from the Eamon Master Diskette.


The program "LEADIN" from Ragnarok Revisited

On ProDOS disks the file is named LEADIN and shows a stock message similar to the following:

Like Eamon adventuring?
For more information about the national Eamon club and newsletter, write:
Eamon Adventurer's Guild
7625 Hawkhaven Dr.
Clemmons, NC 27012
Notice! This adventure requires 80-columns and lower-case text capability.
Contact the Eamon Adventurer's Guild if you need 40-column, upper-case Eamons.

It then runs the adventure's Intro Program.

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