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Eamon.Name (filename: EAMON.NAME) is a short text file that's part of a standard Eamon adventure disk in both DOS and ProDOS. The first line of the file is always the name of the adventure.

In early versions of Eamon (≤4) the file usually contains only the name, but in later versions the file includes two additional lines. The first shows the number of directions of movement the adventure supports — either 6 or 10; if not explicitly set, the Eamon Dungeon Designer assumes six-direction movement in a version 4 adventure. The second line indicates the version of the game the adventure was written for, usually either 6 or 7.

Tom Zuchowski describes the file in the September 1995 Bugs'n'Fixes column.


When a player sends a character on an adventure, the Main Hall program prompts the player to insert the appropriate disk and press C to continue. Once pressed, the program opens the adventure's Eamon.Name file and reads the first line into the ADNAME$ variable, then closes the file and prints the standard preamble, e.g.: "You are about to adventure in The Beginners Cave".

After opening the Fresh Meat file and writing the adventurer's record to it, it then runs the Leadin Program, which it assumes is named ADNAME$.