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The Last Update file is a file present on nearly all Eamon adventure disks managed by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild that indicates the most recent revision date of the adventure.


On DOS 3.3 disks the file is an empty text file whose name shows the date in the format LAST UPDATE M/D/YY. For example, on the Assault on Dolni Keep disk the file is named LAST UPDATE 11/8/89.

On ProDOS disks the file is saved in Applesoft BASIC and named in the format REV.DMonYY.LC. For example, the ProDOS version of Dolni Keep has a file named REV.21MAY91.LC. Unlike the DOS 3.3 text file, the BASIC file in ProDOS is not empty and includes the club's address, the adventure's name and author, and the date of last revision.

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