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The Erase Art Eff Mon starting prompt.

Erase Art Eff Mon is a utility program created by John Nelson around 1984 that was included on his Eamon Utilities II disk. In the utilities documentation, Nelson gives some background and describes its operation:

There is a little story behind this program. Originally, a program was written to copy the maze (or room layout) of an adventure to another diskette in order to allow faster generating of an adventure. This was scraped in favor of using a standard copy program to copy the diskette, then this program was written to remove the Artifacts, Effects and Monsters from the new diskette to allow you to then use the diskette for another adventure. The dungeon edit program may then be used to modify the room connections just enough to be different from the original. The Revenge of the Mole Man was created from The Assault on the Mole Man by using this technique.

Source code

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