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Information About the World of Eamon, a brief introductory "booklet" that the possibly Elvish man provides when a player creates a new adventurer.


New Character program on the Eamon Master


c. 1980


Donald Brown


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Information About the World of Eamon

You will have to buy a weapon. Your chance to hit with it will be the weapon complexity, plus your ability in that class, plus twice your agility. The five classes of weapons (and your current abilities with each) are—

Club/Mace 20%
Spear 10%
Axe 5%
Sword 0%

Every time you score a hit in battle, your ability in the weapon class may go up by 2%, if a random number from 1–100 is less than your chance to miss!

There are four armor types, and you may also carry a shield if you do not use a two-handed weapon. These protections will absorb hits placed upon you (almost always!) but they lower your chance to hit. The protections are—

Armor Hits Protect Odds Adjust
None 0 0%
Leather 1 -10%
Chain 2 -20%
Plate 5 -60%
Shield 1 -5%

You will develop an armour expertise, which will go up when you hit a blow wearing armour and your expertise is less than the armour you are wearing. No matter how high your armour expertise is, however, the net effect of armour will never increase your chance to hit.

You can carry weights up to ten times your hardiness, or HD * 10 Gronds. (A measure of weight, one Grond = 10 Dos) Additionally, your hardiness tells how many points of damage you can survive. Therefore, you can be hit with HD 1-point blows before you die. However, you will not be told how many blows you have taken. You will be merely told things such as "Wow! That one hurt!" or "You don't feel very well."

Your charisma (CH) affects how citizens of Eamon react to you. You affect a monster's friendliness rating by your charisma less ten, difference times two ((CH - 10) * 2).

You start off with 200 gold pieces, which you will want to spend on supplies for your first adventure. You will get a lower price for items if your charisma is high. After you begin to accumulate wealth, you may want to put some of your money into the bank, where it cannot be stolen. However, it is a good idea to carry some gold with you for use in bargaining and ransom situations.

You may also hire a Wizard to teach you some magic spells. There are four spells you may learn.

Blast hurt your enemies from a distance
Heal remove damage from your body.
Speed double your dexterity for a time
Power does something weird. The exact effect is unpredictable.

Other types of magic may work in various adventures, and items may have special properties. However, these will not work in other adventures than where they were found. Thus, it is best (and you have no choice but to) sell all items found in adventures, except for weapons and armour.