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Two sections excerpted from the November 1995 issue GEnieLamp A2, both originally from the PAUG newsletter: "Main Events" and "The Library".


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November 1995




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PAUG Newsletter
November 1995 Newsletter
by Ray Pasold [R.PASOLD]


The Main Events

"Play around in PAUG" was the theme for the October meeting. What are your favorite games? The answers ranged from classics that used the old DOS 3.3 operating system to sophisticated 16-bit GS-specific games. The Eamon text adventure games won hands down as the favorite DOS 3.3 games, and almost all of them, with exception of the three commercial versions by Softdisk, are available right here in the A2 RoundTable Library! The most recent versions are in ProDOS 8. Before you can play the games, you must download the Master disk and the Main Hall disk, with versions available in both DOS 3.3 and ProDOS. These Eamon games are all in the public domain, and there is no shareware fee.

Battle Chess and Chessmaster were not only discussed, but members also wanted to know how to get them. Since they are both commercial games and no longer available, the best advice is to search in the Free Trade Zone for used copies. Just recently, both games were advertised for sale by Mr. Tracy Cook of A+ Technologies. A demo of the Battle Chess game is available in the A2 library. Chessmaster 2100 comes in both 8-bit and GS specific versions. The 8-bit version is copy protected and not hard drive installable. There are patches and fixes in the library so that Battle Chess and Chessmaster GS can be run from the Finder. The Chessmaster patches include a neat icon file. If you have the Bonus Icons file from Scantron Quality Computers, it includes an awesome Battle Chess icon.

Another chess game mentioned was Sargon III. Sargon III is only available for the Apple in DOS 3.3, but it is a powerful game! You can use the mouse and play at level 9, however; waiting for a reply at that level can take over one hour on an accelerated Apple II! This is usually not a problem, since most amateur players (like me) have a hard time beating level 2 (there are nine levels), which provides almost instant response. This disk is copy protected and not hard drive installable.

All three of these chess machines are rated by the U.S. Chess Federation and can play you at Master Play levels. They all provide tutorial games and instruction. In Chessmaster 2100 GS, there is even the ability to play Speed Chess! You can pick from 1 minute to 99 minute games (5 minutes is the norm), and if your clock runs to zero, Chessmaster promptly announces, "Your time has run out. You lose." Amazing!

Quick Peek into the Meeting

Let's take a quick peek into the meeting and see what happened. Of course, this is edited for content and confidential, so don't tell anyone!

Notice on door: Join us and "Play around in PAUG." What are your favorite games? Do you have any good tips? Have you downloaded a good game lately? Let's talk about playing around.

<Cindy> Hi! Welcome to PAUG! [Cindy is the PAUG RTC leader]

** <Eamon Zealot> is here.

<Eamon Zealot> yo.

<PATZ.PIX> howdy again, Tom.

<Cindy> Hi Tom, Welcome to PAUG

<Ron> Hi Tom

<Ron> Hi John

<Cindy> If anyone has anything to say about games — just speak up!

<Cindy> I have an idea what Tom plays.

<Eamon Zealot> This is where we talk about collecting pogs, right?

<Cindy> LOL [This means "laughing out loud"]

<Ron> LOL!

<Ron> Okay, Eamon games... never have tried them.

<Cindy> Tell us a little about Eamons

<Ron> Yeah, give us the FAQs, okay? (hehehehe)

<Eamon Zealot> Ron, if you like text adventuring, you'll probably like Eamon. If not, you won't.

<Cindy> What is Text adventuring?

<Eamon Zealot> Text adventuring is a style of gaming in which the computer tells you what you see, and you type in commands to move about and act on objects and creatures. The original Adventure by Crowther and Woods is the classic example. The Infocom series of games are text adventures.

<Ron> Like the Zork games and the old Infocom stuff, then.

<Eamon Zealot> Yes, Ron. Exactly.

<Cindy> Do you have to be a rocket scientist to play them? <g>

<Eamon Zealot> No, Cindy, you don't need to be a rocket scientist.

<Eamon Zealot> Eamons are NOT commercial. It's all public-domain, with the exception of three that were published in Softdisk. The other 236 Eamons were written by ordinary people. About half of them aren't so good, but the top 50 or 60 are very good.

<Ron> I'd say one of the things that got me into computing was the Infocom games. I was really fascinated with them.

<Eamon Zealot> Me too, Ron. I wasted about a year of my life playing every Infocom game I could afford. I played the original Zork on a DEC PDP-11/34 back when all you could get on personal computers was Zork I. The original encompassed all three Zorks.

<Bill> Don't mean to change the subject, but does anyone know where to get a good chess game for the IIGS?

<Eamon Zealot> Feel free to change the subject, Bill! I don't know of any chess games for the GS.

The conversation then went on about the chess games. This is just an example of the fun and top notch information you will get when you attend a PAUG meeting. Don't you wish you would have been there?

The Library

Great games are to be found in the A2 Library. Here's where to get them.

DOS 3.3: Library 42
ProDOS 8: Library 33
GS specific: Library 21

Here are some specific files you may want.

Chess Stuff

11191 CM2100.RUN.BXY Run ChessMaster from GS/OS
10243 CM2100HLP.BXY Icon & HD help for Chessmaster GS.
21557 CM2100.FIX.BXY Remove CM2100 (IIGS) key protection
19941 CHESSFINDER.BXY Run BattleChess, others, under 6.0
8570 BTLCHSSDEMO.BXY Demo of Battle Chess GS

Eamon Stuff

The DOS 3.3 Demos and Master disks:

8828 EAMON.D.001.BXY Eamon Master Disk (DOS 3.3)
8833 EAMON.D.GMH.BXY Eamon Graphics Main Hall (DOS 3.3)
8667 EAMON.D.DD6.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Dungeon Designer v6.2
8496 EAMON.DEMO.BXY Stand-alone Eamon Demo (DOS 3.3)
8952 EAMON.D.162.BXY Eamon.162 Eamon v7.0 Demo (DOS 3.3)
21219 EAMON.D.DD7.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Dungeon Designer v7.1
21220 EAMON.D.MDS.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon DDD 7.1 Supplement
21221 EAMON.D.UTL.BXY DOS 3.3 Eamon Utility Programs

Some DOS 3.3 amazing helpers:

23012 OZ.DOS.1.0.BXY DOS 3.3 for 800K 3.5" disk
23013 MOVER.1.03.BXY Store 5 5.25" disks on one 3.5"

HyperCard GS Eamon:

15457 EAMON.HCGS.BXY Main Hall & Beginners Cave in HCGS

ProDOS Eamon:

16219 EAMON.001.BXY ProDOS Eamon Master/Main Hall
15702 EAMON.GMH.BXY ProDOS Graphics Main Hall
11767 EAMON.P.191.BXY ProDOS Enhanced Beginners Cave
11768 EAMON.P.195.BXY ProDOS The Training Ground
11842 EAMON.MAPS.BXY Misc. Eamon maps
15100 EAG.DEC90.BXY Sample Eamon newsletter
16866 UNIV.CHKFIL.BXY Universal Eamon file verify program
16728 BEST.EAMONS.BXY An incredible role-play experience
19410 EAMON.VARS.BXY Variable listing for Eamon MAIN.PGM
21218 EAMON.DDD71.BXY ProDOS Eamon Dungeon Designer v7.1
21222 EAMON.ADB.BXY Appleworks ADB of Eamon list.
21234 EAMON.UTL.BXY ProDOS EAG Eamon Utilities
23019 EAMON.LISTS.BXY Updates of six Eamon Lists

More Stuff

A few we didn't mention:

23321 COGITO.BXY Cogito, a Brutal Deluxe IIgs game
23380 Q2.BXY Treasures from Heaven (GS)
23480 STALACTITES.BXY Stalactites for the IIgs
23428 SPACEINV.GS.BXY GS version of the 1978 arcade hit
23504 NUMBLOX1.0.BXY Logic Game using numbered blocks (GS)
23575 FF.MANUAL.BXY Printable manual for ForestFire (SoftDisk GS)
24234 GAMES.UTILS.BXY Game hacking and cheats

Have FUN!