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The Editorial is a feature that appears under various titles in nearly all issues of the the NEUC's Eamon Adventurer's Log and the EAG's Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter and consists of news, updates, announcements, opinions, or thoughts from the publication's editor.

Log editor John Nelson penned 11 columns under the titles "A Word from the Editor..." or "John's Editorial" in which he wrote about the management and operation of the NEUC and the running of the newsletter, his efforts to track and fix software bugs, standards for acceptable adventures, and ultimately his intention to focus on PC-based adventures. One editorial (October 1985) was written instead by Nelson's friend Bob Davis.

Tom Zuchowski continued the tradition as editor of the EAG newsletter, writing pieces as "Editorial", "News and Comment", or "News and Stuff". Like Nelson his columns were often about the operation of the club and the newsletter; he wrote too about managing the adventure library, special projects like the Eamon CD, Eamon contests, events at GEnie (where he was a moderator), and even shared recommendations for books and TV shows.