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A magnetic compass showing cardinal and intercardinal directions.

Directions are the paths along which adventurers can move in an adventure and most often consist of the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west, plus the vertical directions up and down. This set of directions is known as six-direction movement. Some adventures also support movement along the intercardinal directions of northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest, making for a total of ten possible directions of movement.

Directions are normally a feature of exits, which are defined for each room. The room will have either six or ten direction values that indicate what if any rooms lie immediately in that direction. For instance, the "north" attribute on room 10 might contain the value "11", which means that room 11 is directly to the north.

Adventures sometimes present exits in more relative or non-directional ways, such as prompting the player to "enter" or "exit" a location rather than moving in an explicit direction.