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Section excerpted from the November 1992 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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November 1992




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Apple Talk

Changing of the Guard

By Darrel Raines [D.RAINES]

Editor's View

This issue of GEnieLamp marks the changing of the guard at the editor position. Tom Schmitz, who carried the Apple II version of GEnieLamp from conception through the first six issues, has decided to step down from the helm of this newsletter to better pursue his day time job. Tom had a few things to say upon making his decision. I reproduce here a copy of the farewell letter he placed in the Bulletin Board area.

A Farewell Message

Well, many of you may have noticed I haven't been online much lately. And there is a good reason for this. Recently I was promoted at the Life Foundation, the AIDS Foundation of Hawaii on Oahu, to run the Free Legal Clinic and to be the Development Liaison between staff and volunteers. Both are relatively full time responsibilities and have left me little time at home with my modem. (The only thing at home seeing much of me is my bed.)

And since I do not have the free time as before, I have stepped down as editor of GEnieLamp A2/A2Pro. I can no longer do it justice, and if it were not for John Peters' and Phil Shapiro's excellent work, the October issue would never have made it.

GEnieLamp is truly something extraordinary. It is the first major online, regular newsletter of high caliber quality. Much more than a round-up of monthly events, it brings interviews with industry luminaries, and timely articles on interesting subjects.

I encourage all of you to keep reading GEnieLamp and to support those who create it with your praise and with your articles. It means a lot to the staff when you give feedback. It tells them, hey, someone cares about what we do.

And while I may be biased, I do think the A2/A2Pro edition has the best damn GEnieLamp staff online and that this magazine will get even better and bigger than even I ever imagined.

And to everyone who has ever written or edited for GEnieLamp A2/A2Pro, all I can give you is my thanks, but let it be known you have made it a fun experience looking foreword to being the first to see these great articles and to viewing the final product on the first of the month.

To the A2 & A2Pro staff, I have been on GEnie, CompuServe and America Online through the years. No one, but no one can even come close to the fun, comraderie and quality you maintain in A2 and A2Pro.

I'll still be online, though not as much. And I will still read GEnieLamp on the first of every month.

(TOM.SCHMITZ, CAT3, TOP3, MSG:78/M645;1)

Setting In Our New Course

Those of you who have read previous issues of this newsletter will already be familiar with me. I have been writing the games column and the somewhat sporadic programming column. Both of these assignments will be re-evaluated during the next two months as I start to settle into my new responsibilities as editor of GEnieLamp. For this month, both columns will be on hold. The gaming column will return in December with a few more good things to say about Eamon. More information about these columns will be available in the next issue.

Despite the fact that the regular articles mentioned above will not be included in this issue of our newsletter, we still have many new and exciting articles available for the first time in this newsletter. Along those lines, Jim Couch has joined the staff of GEnieLamp to provide coverage of the A2Pro roundtable on a regular basis. Phil has written another article that will stimulate your "thinking muscle". Mel Fowler gives us a peek at a new shareware game available here on GEnie for all IIgs's. Morgan Davis drops in for an interview and reveals some very interesting history of a famous Apple software development company. Any way that you slice this newsletter pie, the results should be plenty of interesting reading in your future.

Be sure and note the upcoming RTC conferences that are held regularly in both the A2 and A2Pro areas. Paul Lutus, author of AppleWriter and many other older programs for the Apple II computer, will join us on November 10 at 9:30 pm eastern time. We hope to get some interesting information out of Paul. Join us if you can.

In the next section I will present a variety of interesting posts that have appeared during the last month in the bulletin boards for A2. These messages can be identified by the footer attached to each item. (See the introductory notes on how to interpret the footer.) If you find the topic, excerpt, or just the interplay between various people to be stimulating, then please jump to that topic on a weekly basis and read what is new. Our hope is that you will find something new in this section to keep you guessing.

And now, please enjoy the first fruits of our efforts in the post-Tom days for Apple II GEnieLamp.