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Section excerpted from the September 1997 issue of GEnieLamp A2.


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September 1997


Douglas Cuff


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Source:GEnieLamp A2, August 1997

File Bandwagon

Top 10 Files for July

by Douglas Cuff [D.CUFF]

This feature lists the ten most popular files for the month. To give files a chance to seek their own levels, no files will be added to the list until they've been in place at least a month. This month, we look at the files uploaded 1–31 July 1997.

This isn't the Academy Awards ceremony, folks; it's more like the People's Choice Awards (both of which are trademarked, by the way). The Top 10 doesn't necessarily tell you what's new and interesting — what files you might find interesting — it simply tells you what files have been downloaded a lot — what other people found interesting!

This month, GenieLamp A2 occupies three spots on the list, but we're just counting that one file. Also, two different version of Crock O' Gold count as just one file. We hope this explains why there are 13 files on the Top 10 list.

Something else very interesting happened in July: the A2Pro library was merged with the A2Pro library — over 1700 files — and meant that some of the "old" files were new to some people. Two of the newly-merged A2Pro files actually made it into the Top 10 for July!

File # Filename Bytes DLs Short description
28883 HIERARCHIC.BXY 24192 92 Hierarchic 1.6.3 (official release)
30594 ALMP9707TXT.BXY 52096 45 GEnieLamp A2 for July 1997 TXT
30596 SLXSECURITY.BXY 16572 43 SlixSecurity child-protection NDA
30190 COGV11.BXY 232320 42 Crock O' Gold - Delphi Messenger
30606 MARS.SUNSET.BXY 2560 38 A sunset on Mars
28882 CYRUSHIPC2.BXY 1153920 38 A fantastic Paintworks animation
30593 ALMP9707AWP.BXY 57856 37 GEnieLamp A2 for July 1997 AWP
30607 COGV13.BXY 234240 35 Offline Reader for Spectrum/Delphi
30619 ANAGRAMHELP.BXY 11776 35 Anagram Helper v1.1
30397 MARCEL.BXY 47488 23 MIME parser, B64, BH4, QP decoder
29522 GSBUG.1.6.BXY 315008 17 GSBug v1.6 Final
30592 ALMP9707.ASC 97040 16 GEnieLamp A2 for July 1997 ASCII
30615 EAMON.240.BXY 56744 15 40/80-col. P8 The Heart of Gold


EAMON.240.BXY Eamon is a text-adventure system, and this particular module, The Heart of Gold by Frank Kunze, is loosely based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Rated 6.5 out of 10. Freeware.