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A section excerpted from the July 1993 issue GEnieLamp A2.


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July 1993


Darrel Raines


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Online Library

A2 Library — Quick Takes

By Darrel Raines

This section of the monthly GEnieLamp will be devoted to a sampling of the many diverse files that are uploaded to the A2 library each and every month. Our feature article will focus on a specific type of file that can be found in the libraries. This area will only offer the name and a short description of the files that are new to the A2 library during the last month.

The fact that a file is listed in the following lists is not necessarily a recommendation for the file. The attempt will be to show the diversity of files uploaded to Genie. Some selected files will have the long description directly after the file name for additional information. If you see a file that you are interested in, then write down the file number and go to the library area to download the file to your computer.

Have fun!

File#   File Name   Bytes   Description
20837 EAMON.100.BXY 44288 80-col. P8 Sorceror's Spire
20703 EAMON.016.BXY 36096 80-col. P8 The Caves of Mondamen
20586 EAMON.183.BXY 61056 80-col. P8 The Boy and the Bard

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A2 Categories & Topics

Here is the new A2 index of Categories and Topics as of June 26, 1993:


Category 16 Eamon Online

No. Subject Msgs Status Author
1 About Eamon Online 1 Closed A2.HELP
2 Eamon Forum 25 Open A2.DEAN [Leader]
3 Eamon Authors -- Questions and Answers 11 Open A2.DEAN [Leader]
4 Eamon Players -- Questions and Answers 15 Open A2.DEAN [Leader]
5 Bugs and Fixes 15 Open A2.DEAN [Leader]
6 Eamon Descriptions 48 Open T.ZUCHOWSKI [TOMZ]
7 Known Library Bugs & Fixes 14 Open T.ZUCHOWSKI [TomZ]
8 Wish List for GS-Specific Eamon 42 Open T.ZUCHOWSKI [TomZ]
9 Ambitious Eamon modifications 12 Open A2.DEAN [Leader]