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The Eamon Notebook, also called the Eamon Binder, is a customized three-ring loose-leaf binder produced and sold by the National Eamon User's Club. John Nelson announced his project to create "the official Eamon notebook" in the October 1984 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log:

The notebook idea has struck a lot of members fancy and we would like to proceed with it... The cost of the notebooks to members will be $10 each plus postage and handling [$3]. They are 100% vinyl with padded covers and backs, silk-screened with the Eamon Dragon and lettered in Old English script along the spine. They will have pockets on the inside for placing notes and will be a standard size (8 1/2 x 11) 1" thick.

Nelson described it as "the perfect place to keep your EAG newsletters!" He reported in the March '85 newsletter that "we have received many compliments on the notebooks ranging from 'great' to 'beautiful' and we would like to sell them all. There are approximately a bunch of notebooks left and the club money is sitting in this medium. If you have any urge at all to order one, please pay some attention to it."

Tom Zuchowski reported in the March 1990 newsletter that author Pat Gise had won an Eamon binder for coming in second place in the EAG Adventure Design Contest.

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