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Eamon Master 1, often simply called the Eamon Master, is a master created by Donald Brown for Eamon that serves as the standard master for the series. Most other masters for the game are based to one degree or another on Brown's original.


John Nelson writing in the August 1985 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log identifies the following versions of Brown's Eamon master:


This was Brown's first version and was not widely distributed, remaining mostly in the Des Moines area. By the mid-'80s the version was no longer being distributed, having been superseded by improved versions. Nelson calls this first version a collector's item.


Nelson describes this version as the most widely-distributed at the time of his writing. It adds SNAPPY, a file that gives the Burly Irishman a range of snappy comebacks, and features the ability for weak adventurers to "commit suicide" in order to regenerate their attributes. It also has the original non-standard text files for the first adventure, The Beginners Cave. Version 1.1 was no longer being distributed by the mid-'80s.


This version is the earliest that was still in current distribution at the time of Nelson's writing. It has the same features as version 1.1 but its text files are standardized. (Players can list The Beginners Cave using the standard dungeon list programs).

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