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Coordinates: 41°35′N 93°39′W / 41.59°N 93.65°W / 41.59; -93.65

Downtown Des Moines.

The city of Des Moines and its surrounding area, including smaller adjacent cities such as West Des Moines, is the birthplace of Eamon. The Computer Emporium and its successor CE Software were founded and operated in Des Moines, and several early key figures in Eamon history such as Bill Fesselmeyer, Donald Brown, and John Nelson lived in the area.

The city's primary newspaper in the The Des Moines Register.


The following organizations associated with Eamon were founded in or operated in the Des Moines area:


The following people associated with Eamon are from or have lived in the Des Moines area:

Developer Scott Everts is from the nearby community of Ames.

In adventures

Allan Porter's adventure B I Z A R R O is set in "De Bunk, Iowa", a play on "Des Moines." In his review, Tom Zuchowski suggests that the house in which the adventure is set is modeled after John Nelson's residence.

The School of Death takes place in a Des Moines high school.

The villainous Bookworm builds a lair in Des Moines which the adventurer invades in Revenge of the Bookworm.

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