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Adventures are the heart of Eamon and are a frequent subject of articles in this wiki. This page offers guidelines for articles on adventures and other games and creative works.


Articles about the Eamon text adventure game series are obviously central to this wiki. Significant variants or ports of Eamon, such as Super Eamon, Eamon Deluxe, etc., also merit their own articles, as do related works like SwordThrust, Knight Quest, and the like. The inclusion of articles on other non-Eamon projects must be decided on a case-by-case basis; works that strongly influenced (or were strongly influenced by) Eamon are acceptable so long as the article describes the work's relationship to Eamon. Articles on other popular or significant subjects of similar nature and period may also be appropriate so long as the article focuses on comparing or contrasting the subject with Eamon.

Dedicated articles are appropriate for individual adventures within Eamon, its variants, and other closely related series like SwordThrust. Released adventures (those recognized by official organizations or otherwise made widely available) should be given their own articles. Unreleased or lost adventures may also have their own articles if enough is known to create them.


The titles of games and individual adventures should be italicized and follow normal conventions of capitalization: Assault on the Clone Master. If the name begins with the word "the", "a", or "an", include it in the title: The Cave of the Mind. If a name deliberately varies from normal conventions (such as B I Z A R R O or Batman!!), the unusual form should be preserved.

Titles of game systems or of individual adventures are normally italicized. To make an article's title appear in italics, add {{Italic_title}} to the very top of the article. To make words appear in italics elsewhere, put two apostrophes around them.


Editors can include anything in an adventure article that's relevant to the subject. This often includes a summary of the adventure, a walkthrough, trivia, etc.


An article about an adventure should normally include the adventure template, which adds an informational sidebar to the page. This should be placed before the article's text.

The article should also include the adventures template, which adds a navigational bar to the bottom of the page. This should be placed after the article's text.

If the adventure is one of several by the same author, that author may have a navigational template of his own (e.g., Nelson or Zuchowski). This should also be placed after the article's text.


An adventure may be placed into one or more categories, which is done by adding category links to the very end of the article. For example, The Beginners Cave is categorized as follows: Adventures by Donald Brown, Adventures set on Eamon, Adventures in caves and dungeons, Beginner adventures, Eamon adventures, and Fantasy adventures.