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Article on the mythical Caladrius from the Harley Bestiary, c. 1230-1240.

Articles are wiki pages that describe a subject in an encyclopedic manner. For instance, a page that describes the history of a text adventure game is an article, whereas things like templates, sources, talk pages, help pages, etc. are not.

This page describes Eamon Wiki's policies and guidelines on what subjects merit their own articles, how those articles should be titled, and what material is appropriate to include.

Real-world subjects

Adventures and other works

Main page: Wiki:Adventures


Main page: Wiki:People

Fictional subjects

The number of fictional items in Eamon is enormous, and includes untold numbers of artifacts, monsters, rooms, towns, kingdoms, people, and so on. To give each one it own article would be overkill, particularly since there are many mundane objects (a generic axe, a nondescript troll, an empty chamber) about which very little can be said. The subsections below describe the wiki's guidelines for different fictional subjects.

Artifacts, monsters, and rooms

Eamon Wiki prefers that dedicated articles be granted only to adventure objects that have some kind of particular significance: they must appear or play a part in multiple adventures (like mimics or the Mole Man) or be particularly memorable or powerful (like the Trollsfire or Druinval swords). To a certain extent this decision is subjective and must be decided on a case-by-case basis, but in general Eamon Wiki prefers editors to err on the side of not creating dedicated articles for adventure objects, and instead favors including such things in lists. Articles on individual adventures will normally list the objects that appear within it, and other summary articles (like List of swords) may feature the object too.


There are a number of characters, like the Burly Irishman, the wizard Hokas Tokas, or the weaponsmith Marcos Cavielli, who don't appear in adventures but are nonetheless significant to Eamon. Characters who appear in the Main Hall normally merit their own articles, as do other characters referenced in multiple adventures or who have some other particular significance. Minor characters or historical figures are best included in lists or as subsections within broader articles.


The term places here refers not strictly to rooms within an adventure, but to geographical areas like towns, kingdoms, rivers, forests, and the like. Places that have particular significance or that are referenced in multiple adventures (like Evenhold or Marewood Forest) may merit their own articles. Other places may best appear in lists (such as "List of towns" or "List of mountains") or as subsections within broader articles.