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The adventure template is the standard infobox used for all adventure articles.


The parameters below are listed in the order displayed by the infobox. It's fine to leave parameters empty, or leave them out entirely; the template will show only what's provided.


This parameter specifies the game system to which the adventure belongs, and in most cases should be set to "Eamon", though it also supports "SwordThrust". For stand-alone adventures not part of any system or series, omit this parameter.


If the adventure is part of a numbered series, this is its adventure number. Note that this number should be the number as assigned by the wiki, which may be different from the adventure's official number.


If the numerical identifier used by the wiki (above) differs from that assigned by the Eamon Adventurer's Guild, this field should indicate the EAG-assigned identifier.


This is the Eamon Deluxe identifier, and for a single adventure normally takes the form XX-YY, where XX is the two-digit adventure set number and YY the two-digit number within the set. If instead you provide only a single number (not two connected by a hyphen), the template assumes it refers to an adventure set.

If the adventure itself has a logo (like the SwordThrust adventures do), include it here.


This is the image that appears at the top of the infobox, normally a screenshot from the adventure. The template automatically sizes the image to a width of 250 pixels.

An adventure screenshot should show the adventure in its original, native form, or as close to it as reasonably possible.


This parameter is for the name of the adventure's author. If the adventure has multiple authors, do not include them together in this parameter; instead, use the additional parameters Author2 and Author3 (see example below).


If an editor played a significant part in the shaping of the adventure, he can be credited here. If the adventure has multiple editors, do not include them together in this parameter; instead, use the additional parameters Editor2 and Editor3.


This is the date on which the adventure was created. The template accepts dates in various formats, e.g. 15 March 1984, 4/15/1984, March 1984, c. 1984, 1983-1984, 1980s, etc. If the template detects a four-digit year anywhere in the date, it will automatically link it to the appropriate section of the timeline.

The following date format is preferred: 15 March 1984.


This is the date on which the adventure was publicly released. In Eamon, this is often considered to be the date on which the adventure was first announced as available by the NEUC or EAG.


This is the date on which the adventure was most recently revised.


This is the adventure's native format – the computer format in which the adventure was originally created, e.g. Apple DOS 3.3, Apple ProDOS, PC DOS, etc.


|system       = Eamon
|number       = 321
|image        = Plato's Playground intro.png
|author       = John Smith
|author2      = Jane Smith
|created      = 15 March 1984
|released     = 30 July 1984

Full blank syntax

|system       = 
|number       = 
|EAG          = 
|EDX          = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|author       = 
|author2      = 
|author3      = 
|editor       = 
|editor2      = 
|editor3      = 
|created      = 
|released     = 
|revised      = 
|format       = 

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