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Like books, namespaces group related material together. (Admont Abbey Library, Austria)

Wiki pages are grouped into collections called namespaces which indicate the pages' purpose. Pages in certain namespaces can have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages.

A page's namespace is usually prefixed to its title. For example, the prefix Wiki: in this page's title indicates that this page is in the Wiki namespace. A page with no prefix is considered to be in the Main/Article namespace.

For more information, please see the namespaces documentation at MediaWiki.

Subject namespaces Talk namespaces
0 Main/Article Talk 1
2 User User talk 3
4 Wiki Wiki talk 5
6 File File talk 7
8 MediaWiki MediaWiki talk 9
10 Template Template talk 11
12 Help Help talk 13
14 Category Category talk 15
710 TimedText TimedText talk 711
828 Module Module talk 829
2300 Gadget Gadget talk 2301
2302 Gadget definition Gadget definition talk 2303
3000 Portal Portal talk 3001
3002 Source Source talk 3003
3004 Blog Blog talk 3005
Virtual namespaces
-1 Special
-2 Media

This list is also accessible through the API.