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Categories are containers used to group together Eamon Wiki pages that share points of similarity. Everything in the wiki, from articles to sources to files, should be in at least one category, and most will appear in several. The categories to which something belongs are listed at the bottom of the page.

Adding a page to a category

The wiki's top three category levels.
The wiki's top three category levels.

To add a page to a category, add a category link to the very end of the page. For example, the code below is what you'd use to put an article about a person into the real people category:

[[Category:Real people]]

Categories automatically organize their contents alphabetically by title. If you want a page organized differently, you can specify how it should be sorted by noting it in the tag. For example, if the article you're adding is titled John Smith, you might use the following to ensure it appears with other "S" articles:

[[Category:Real people|Smith, John]]

To explore the wiki's category structure, check out the root category and navigate down through the tree.

Creating a new category

Though most of the category structure is already built, new categories are sometimes needed as the wiki grows. You can create a new category the same way you would an article, but you should leave the body mostly empty. The only thing a category needs to contain is a category link, to show where it fits in the structure. For example, if you were making a new category called "Cool Users", you'd include [[Category:Users]] to show that it's a subcategory of Users.

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