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Software screenshots, like this one from The Beginners Cave, are the most common images.

Images are graphical media files displayed in the wiki, often software screenshots, logos, or photographs. This page describes Eamon Wiki's policies and guidelines on what images are appropriate to include, preferred formats, naming conventions, usage, and copyright.


This wiki prefers image files to be in either PNG or SVG formats whenever possible. When those are unavailable, JPEG or GIF formats are fine.

Image files can be of any dimension, but should at least be large enough to be clear.

Naming, describing, categorizing

Please name image files clearly and succinctly, and name them in a way that's consistent with how similar files are named.

Give each image with a useful description, and be sure to note the creator, source, and date the item was made. Please use the Information Template when adding this information — it presents it in a clean, tabular form. Here's an example of the syntax you'd use:

|description    = A map of [[Tom Zuchowski]]'s adventure ''[[Assault on Dolni Keep]]''.
|source         = [[Huw Williams]]
|date           = 12 August {{Year|2021}}
|author         = Huw Williams
|license        = {{LicensePermitted}}
|other_versions = 

For example, if the image is a screenshot, describe what the shot shows and how it was obtained; if the image is a photo, describe who or what it shows, when and where it was taken, etc. Include links to articles when appropriate; for example: "Screenshot of the The Beginners Cave by Donald Brown."

Please put each image into at least one category. For example, if the file is a photo, you would add [[Category:Photos]]. You can browse to find appropriate categories.


When you upload an image to the wiki, you will have the opportunity to select an appropriate license. The license you choose indicates to other readers and editors the reasons why it's appropriate for the image to be included in the wiki. Please select the license carefully; if no license fits, just select "other non-free work" and include a short explanation of your own along with the image description.

Content guidelines


Screenshots are the most common kind of image in the wiki. With the exception of cropping (described below), software screenshots should be unmodified from the form in which they were captured in order to convey as faithfully as possible the real nature of the software being shown.

It's fine (and indeed desirable) to crop out surrounding chrome from a screenshot. For instance, if the screenshot is of an adventure running inside an emulator, crop out any buttons, borders, etc. of the emulator itself. For a website, crop out the chrome of the browser.

Logos and covers

This wiki considers that using logos for encyclopedic purposes to be fair use. The same is also true for scans/photos of covers, such as the cover of a periodical or manual, or the cover (packaging) of a piece of software.


Photos are always welcome, but please be mindful of others' privacy by not uploading photos of other living people without their knowledge or consent. To browse the wiki's photo collection, see Category:Photos.


Eamon-related artwork is a delightful and welcome addition to the wiki and can take the form of sketches, paintings, digital artwork, photo manipulations, or various other media. To browse the wiki's artwork collection, see Category:Artwork.

Flavor images

Everyone knows that articles tend to be more attractive and engaging when they have images in them, but text adventures by their very nature are obviously short on graphics and photos, so a lot of articles look rather bare. To address this, this wiki allows articles to use what are called "flavor images". A flavor image is a photo or piece of art that may not have any direct connection to the actual subject of the article it appears in, but nonetheless complements the subject or is evocative of it.

For instance, an article for an adventure taking place in a fictional castle might include as a flavor image a picture of a real Medieval castle, or an article on combat might feature a shot of armored reenactors swordfighting.

Users can find flavor images by browsing the images available at Wikimedia Commons (the media file repository for Wikipedia). Users can include these images using ordinary wiki syntax, just as if the file was part of this wiki. For example, the following code...

[[File:Craig2.jpg|thumb|left|250px|An old stone tower.]]

...produces this result:

An old stone tower.

Flavor images may also be created by AI tools such as DALL-E. Be careful not to overdo it with flavor photos; unless the article is quite lengthy, one per article is usually quite sufficient (and some may not require one at all).

Further information

For more information about using images in a wiki, please see the MediaWiki images help page.