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Files may be uploaded to the Eamon Wiki for the purposes of historical preservation or to complement wiki articles. The most common files in the wiki are images and software files, but others include audio recordings, video, and text documents.

Uploaded files are organized in the Files category.

Software files

Main page: Wiki:Software

The wiki has many hundreds of downloadable software files for Eamon and related systems. The Wiki:Software page describes what software is appropriate to include, what formats to use, and how to name, label, and categorize the files.

Document files

Main page: Wiki:Documents

Image files

Main page: Wiki:Images

The Wiki:Images page gives guidance on how to upload and organize image files, how to include them in articles, and even how to find new flavor images to bring visual interest to text-heavy entries.

Audio and video files

Eamon Wiki prefers audio files saved in Ogg format (.ogg), but other supported formats include .oga, .aiff, .wav, .mp3, .wma, .mid, .midi. Video files may be .avi, .mov, or .mpeg.

Just as with all other kinds of uploaded files, be sure to include a description and appropriate license with every file, and be sure to include it in the appropriate categories.