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Phases represent stages in the wiki's development. (Creation from The Great Canterbury Psalter, c. 1190.)

Phases are broad developmental stages in the growth of the Eamon Wiki. The phases aren't meant to be rigid or very well-defined, but instead just set some general targets for the project. The wiki is currently in Phase Four.


Phase One: Setup

The website, Mediawiki software, and other supporting software are installed and configured.

Completed August 2017.

Phase Two: Infrastructuring

Most of the infrastructure necessary to support the creation of articles exists, particularly category trees and templates.

Completed September 2017.

Phase Three: Stubbing

Placeholder ("stub") articles exist for most key topics, including adventures, people, publications, and game concepts.

Completed September 2017.

Phase Four: Expansion

Most key articles are expanded to include at least some useful content, though are not necessarily complete.

In progress.

Phase Five: Refinement

All topics have fleshed-out, well-structured articles.


Phase Six: Maintenance

Long-term maintenance of fleshed-out wiki, with updates as needed.