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Portals are (to borrow a description from Wikipedia) "doorways to knowledge" — high-level pages that help readers begin exploring a particular area of the wiki. Portals do this by giving readers navigational pathways to the articles in a certain area, plus links to key articles or featured content in that area.

Current portals

Eamon Wiki currently has five portals:

The Adventures Portal lists all the adventures in Eamon and other related works, with links to every adventure article in the wiki.
The Community Portal describes the latest events and goings-on in the Eamon community and links to other text adventure communities.
The Documents Portal lists manuals, articles, newsletters, and other materials related to Eamon.
The People Portal links to articles on all the notable real-world individuals who've contributed to Eamon, with links to every biographical article in the wiki.
The Universe Portal links readers to fictional subjects throughout the Eamon fantasy universe: characters, monsters, weapons, and much more.

The timeline of Eamon history, while not technically a portal, is usually listed with the above since it serves a similar purpose.

New portals

Portals represent broad, high-level swathes of Eamon knowledge, and as such should be limited to those few broad categories. New portals should not be created without discussion and the consensus of other editors.