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When two or more subjects have the same name, the conflict must be resolved.

Disambiguation is the process of resolving the conflict that arises when a single term can refer to multiple things. "Newsletter", for instance, might refer to any one of several different newsletters, so the entry for that term must disambiguate among them.


If multiple subjects share the same name, first determine if one subject is more important than the others.

If so, put the primary subject at the base name, and disambiguate the others.

  • Example: In the context of Eamon, the term "Main Hall" may refer to two different things: the fictional home of the the Guild, and the real-world BASIC program on the master disk. Since the fictional building is considered the more significant subject, its article is titled "Main Hall" and the program is titled "Main Hall (program)".
  • Example: There are two adventures named Assault on the Clone Master, one by Donald Brown and one by Keith Dechant. The article about Brown's original adventure uses the base name, so the title of the article about Dechant's remake is disambiguated: "Assault on the Clone Master (Dechant)".

If not, make the base name a disambiguation page that links to all the disambiguated subjects.

  • Example: The name "Davis" can refer to any of four different Eamon authors. Since none is more important than the others, the article "Davis" is a disambiguation page with links to the four individual articles: Bob Davis, Jared Davis, Robert Davis, and William Davis.

Every disambiguation page should include the disambiguation template, like so: {{Disambiguation}}


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