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The sea or the ocean is one or more vast bodies water on the world of Eamon whose coasts and islands are the setting of many Eamon adventures, and is often presented as either adjacent to the town of Evenhold or not far from it. Authors have given varying names, locations, and features for the sea.


Author Pat Hurst identifies the sea to the west and south of Evenhold as the Malphigian Sea, an area of trading, smuggling, and piracy made hazardous by the presence of reefs, sea monsters, and fierce storms. John MacArthur names it the Muerte Sea, from the Spanish word for death. Frank Black in Edgar's Adventures refers to it as the Great Sea.

Henry Haskell sets the small island of Eruvol in the Stormy Sea (also known as the Sea of Dreams), though it's unclear if this is the same body as the seas above. Rick Volberding's Museum features exhibits from the Great North Ocean and the Silver South Seas.


From the town of Evenhold the sea can be reached in several directions:

  • The Lost Isle describes the road to the sea as heading east. The road ends at a long north-south ocean coastline, further east of which lies Castanamir's Island.
  • Multiple adventures place the Beginners Cave south of the Main Hall, and the cave terminates by opening east into Pirates Cove, a small bay partially enclosed by bluffs next to "the rough and stormy sea".
  • Works of Pat Hurst, including his adventure Buccaneer! and the Eamon Gazetteer, place the ocean to the west and south of Evenhold, beyond a coastline that runs generally from the northwest to the southeast.
  • Frank Black's Demo Adventure concludes on "one the great beaches near the Main Hall", with land to the north and a ferry to the south.

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