Foulwater Marshes

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Map drawn by Derek Jeter showing the marshes at upper left

The Foulwater Marshes are a treacherous, swampy region northeast of Evenhold and south of Grimhold's Tower, described by Derek Jeter in his adventure The Treachery of Zorag as a damp and muddy region that extends for miles. To reach the marshes from the King's Road, a traveler takes Northmarch Road north, then the Old Mountain Road west across the Westsong River, then north as the road turns into a small trail that winds its way through the wetlands.

Jeter writes that in places the marshy land feels like a sponge when you step on it, and exudes a foul stench. The area is often foggy and is inhabited by dangerous creatures such as hellhounds, cockatrices, and snakes.