Bandits Guild

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The Bandits Guild is a organization of thieves and robbers on the world of Eamon that plays a central role in the 2012 adventure A Runcible Cargo by Thomas Ferguson. The bandits were first mentioned by Jim Jacobson in the The Abductor's Quarters (1980).

The guild is headquartered in the town of Frukendorf several miles west of Evenhold along the Eamon Railroad, and occupies a grand and lavishly decorated main hall that stands near the town's train station. The guild was ruled by the Bandit Prince who had a throne room in the hall and who once directed an attack against the Main Hall of the Guild of Free Adventurers, but events surrounding the discovery of the "Runcible Cargo" led to the prince's defeat and the power of the once-mighty guild being broken.

Members of the Bandits Guild traditionally wear black robes or cloaks over their armor.