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This article is about the fictional rail line. For the adventure, see The Eamon Railroad.

The railroad, sometimes called the Eamon Railroad, is a rail line that connects several cities and towns in the Kingdom of Evenhold on the world of Eamon, first described by Sam in his adventure The Eamon Railroad. Frank Black added some small edits and embellishments when converting the adventure to Eamon Deluxe, and the railroad was revisited and further fleshed out by Thomas Ferguson in A Runcible Cargo.


Multiple passenger cars are pulled back and forth along the line by an engine, described in A Runcible Cargo as an aging but powerful 18-wheel steam locomotive. Sam's original adventure identifies the train as either the "Eamon Express" or the "Apple Express", while Ferguson's story gives it the name "Spirit of Madison" which is emblazoned in elaborate golden script on its side.

Ferguson notes that the railroad's architect designed the engines to be voice-activated, so travelers can simply say the name of their stop and the train will take them there.


The following is the known route of the Eamon Railroad, going from west to east:

  1. Frukendorf. The city and province of Frukendorf is the westernmost stop on the railroad mentioned in Ferguson's adventure, though it may well extend to parts farther west. The station sits just north of the rail line and, through a set of massive gates, opens north directly onto the Main Hall of the Bandits Guild. The distance from Frukendorf east to the next stop at Evenhold is "long", yet the two are still close enough to be within sight of each other by telescope.
  2. Evenhold. Coming from the west, the railroad passes along the north side of the city of Evenhold, crossing a road north of the Main Hall, then curves south to the station which stands next to a long north/south platform on the east side of a railyard, itself just east of the Sam Slicker's pawn shop. In Sam's original adventure, this stop is identified simply as "Eamon"; in Black's update for Eamon Deluxe it's renamed "Madison" (after the city in Wisconsin where he was living at the time). Ferguson finally identifies it as "Evenhold", but keeps the name Madison in the name of the train.
  3. Flagstop. This stop is included in Sam's original but not in Ferguson's adventure, and consists of little more than a station and platform that connect to an adjacent railway museum.
  4. Dodge. About 15 minutes' travel from Evenhold is the station at Dodge which stands on the north side of the town along a concrete east/west platform.
  5. Mudville. This is the final known stop, about another 15 minutes' travel down the line from Dodge. The town's square with its fountain and statue are just south of the station, while Eamon University stands to the north. Steps at the western end of the platform lead to a pedestrian underpass that goes north under the rail line and leads to the university.