Old Mountain Road

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Old Mountain Road is a road in the Kingdom of Evenhold on the world of Eamon that features in Derek Jeter's adventure The Treachery of Zorag. Travelers from Evenhold or Behlos City can reach it by following the King's Road to Northmarch Road and taking Northmarch north to its intersection with Old Mountain Road.

From the Northmarch intersection the road stretches many miles both west and east. The western section crosses a bridge over the Westsong River, then turns north and terminates at the edges of the Foulwater Marshes. The eastern section winds northeast, upward through the foothills of the Shadow Mountains, and through the narrow Pass of Karathas, then descends down the range's eastern slopes and terminates at the western edge of the Dead Forest.

Jeter describes it as a dirt road, overgrown and infrequently used.