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The Beginners Cave in EamonWeb

EamonWeb, previously Eamon Revolutions, is an adaptation of the original Eamon game system for the web developed by Derek Jeter. Its design allows Eamon adventures to be played directly inside of any modern web browser without the use of plug-ins or emulator software.


EamonWeb is in many ways a radical departure from the traditional Eamon system, but players both old and new will find the "look and feel" to be authentic. The system draws much of its functionality from Eamon Deluxe and that adaptation was the inspiration to build EamonWeb. In fact, the author intended the system to be utilized as a "gateway drug" to encourage players to download one of the Eamon systems and enjoy the entire back catalog.

One major difference from other versions of Eamon is that there is no Main Hall — players simply roll up a character (or multiple characters) and send them on adventures. While adding a Main Hall would help increase authenticity, it is largely peripheral to the "heart" of Eamon, which is the adventures themselves.

Supported adventures

EamonWeb is not directly compatible with any of the previous Eamon game systems. As such, adventures must be "ported" to the new system — this includes a data conversion of the BASIC DAT files as well as integration of any custom programming. However, all of the data from the original adventures have been partially ported so that players can still explore the dungeons even though some custom programming may be missing. Ideally, over time, the missing programming and features can be properly implemented since EamonWeb is open-source.


Initially uploaded to SourceForge in September 2014, the project's most recent updates were committed in June 2016, and links to the playable EamonWeb versions of the adventures in Jeter's Eamon Adventure Browser have since been removed. In correspondence with Huw Williams in 2020, Jeter described the system as "retired" and said he doesn't plan to develop it further due to limitations on his time; he noted, though, that others are free to continue expanding it since the EamonWeb code is all open-source. Jeter noted that Keith Dechant's Eamon Remastered is a more developed alternative and said he might author an adventure for the system.

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