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Eamon Master 4, formerly known as Eamon Master RF, is a variant of the standard Eamon Master that was created by Ragnar Fyri in the early 1980s. NEUC president John Nelson described Fyri's master in the August 1985 newsletter, emphasizing its status as a non-standard master that was not supported by or distributed by the club. The master allows the player to declare one adventurer as a his or her champion who may then go directly on adventures without having to go through the Main Hall.

Nelson notes the reasons for the club not supporting Fryi's master: "It contains altered programs with renumbered lines, merged programs, and other changes that make it non-standard. It also contains programs that alter adventures to be non-standard. It has no features that give it any advantage over existing Eamon masters or utilities. (There is no point in making more trouble for ourselves by messing up Eamon adventures beyond recognition!)"

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