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The Eamon Gazetteer by Pat Hurst.


Document provided by Pat Hurst to Huw Williams (User:Huwmanbeing) on 11 November 2013.




Pat Hurst


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This gazetteer incorporates material from the following adventures:

Eamon Gazetteer

a bustling, cosmopolitan city; a major port since it is the only natural harbor along the mountainous coast; a center for many religious, racial, and ethnic groups; a trading hub that offers a wide selection of commodities; the coinage is a holder in gold, silver and copper denominations
a small duchy midst the Jarlschlager Range; pronounced as grune'-vall-deh; the coinage is the walder in gold, silver, and copper; the only town takes its name from that of the duchy; the duchy is the hereditary domain of the de Lupus family; a mining center that extracts precious metals and gems
Malphigian Sea
the sea to the west and south of Evenhold; the closer islands include Melosia, Cormorant Island, Burning Rock, Esparea Cay, Serpent Isle, and Leanda Atoll; an area of trading, smuggling, and piracy; hazards include reefs, sea monsters, and fierce storms
Desert of Terza
an expansive waste with little or no water for miles; thought to be the abode of Terza (see Pantheon); rumored to be the site of the pyramid of Anharos; crossing the desert without a good guide is not recommended; tribes of desert nomads called Rifs eke out a meager existence through trade, herding, and preying on others
Jarlschlager Range
the mountains that divide the western half of the continent from the spice lands of the east; they rise to extreme heights with only one known pass through to the east; the Great East Road connects east and west via this pass; surrounds the duchy of Grunewalde; rich in mineral ore and gem deposits, the most famous being the lost Gruner Mine
the forest east of Evenhold; popular for hunting; provides all types of forest products; bisected by the Great East Road; unsafe for travel alone; caravans often can be found to travel with along the road for greater safety; common site of secret religious rites

Eamon Gazetteer map.png
This map details the major areas of the adventures. Evenhold is the site of the Main Hall. There are 6 island groups in the Malphigian Sea in the vicinity of Evenhold. The Great East Road leaves Evenhold on its way to the spice lands of the East. A fork of this road leads to Grunewalde. A pass through the broken lands leads to the Desert of Terza. More of Eamon will be mapped as new adventures are added to the series.

Important Names of Eamon

Tanis IV
current ruler of Evenhold; lineal descendant of Anharos and defender of Alaxar (see Pantheon)
Pindar Rambis
high priest of Alaxar; very old – has held his position as long as anyone can remember; said to have mighty sorcerous powers
ancient ruler of Evenhold who consolidated the kingdom against the forces of chaos and evil; the anointed one of Alaxar
a warrior of humble origin who led a popular rebellion against the excesses of Mlatan brotherhood (see Pantheon); hero of the realm
Lord Collingwood
commander of the navy of Evenhold; captor of Henri Le Marque; rigid and humorless
De Lupus
family name of the rulers of Grunewalde; reputed to be cruel and merciless; the family line is said to be cursed by the gods

Landmarks of Evenhold

Main Hall
favorite meeting place for adventurers for R & R
Phracian Fields
foremost burial gardens; on the Avenue of the Temples near the east end of town
large rock formations on either side of the harbor entrance
Weyren's Gate
gate that separates the harbor district from the rest of Evenhold; on Sea Lane
Temple of Alaxar
houses state religion; largest temple in Evenhold; located on the south side of the main plaza; site of golden altar of Alaxar

The Eamon Pantheon

A compendium of deities, demigods, and demons that inhabit the outer planes.

major god of the plane of fire; sun god; aligned to lawful good; worshiped as state religion of Evenhold; father of Terza; he is symbolized as the sun or as a hawk that soars above the world and sees all with his keen vision; his domain is the heavens
major goddess of the plane of fire; daughter of Alaxar; goddess of purification through pain and sacrifice; the Desert of Endless Sorrows is her personal domain; symbolized by a whip or branding iron; aligned to lawful neutral; called mistress of the iron, chalice of inner strength, and defender of the true path; worshiped by some ascetic and monastic orders
arch-demon of the plane of fire; aligned to lawful evil; bound in service to Anharos by the will of Alaxar; symbolized as a jackal
major god of the plane of water; god of the seas; brother of Brynne; aligned chaotic neutral; ruler over all sea creatures; he is symbolized as a sea giant or as an octopus whose tentacles penetrate all seas; worshiped primarily by mariners and fishermen
major goddess of the plane of air; sister of Weyren; goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and judgment; aligned lawful good; symbolized by a scroll; worshiped by sages and all classes of magic users; rumored to consort with Alaxar, a major source of friction between Alaxar and Weyren
major god of the plane of air; god of destiny; aligned to neutral; "he who maps the future planes"; his voice is fate and his trail as he walks is history; symbolized as a blind man inscribing entries in the Book of Ages; worshiped by adventurers and gamblers; takes no part in the internecine spats of the gods
major god of the plane of earth; god of the underworld and shepherd of the flocks of the dead; aligned to neutral; symbolized by a black willow tree or as a man in a burial shroud; worshiped by those who have dead relatives; shunned by the other gods due to his dour personality
major god of the plane of earth; god of evil lusts, carnal pleasures, and base human desires; aligned to chaotic evil; symbolized by the face of a wart hog; known for his avarice in seeking dominion over the other gods; worshiped by the self-centered and the morally corrupt
demigod of the plane of fire; resident spirit of the volcano on Burning Rock island; aligned to chaotic neutral; worshiped by the islanders of Burning Rock

Important Artifacts and Sites

Diamond of Purity
powerful talisman given to Anharos by Alaxar to aid in his battle against the forces of chaos and evil; a flawless diamond that radiates a magical aura deadly to the unpurified; entombed with Anharos so that it would continue to aid him in the afterlife; said to be Alaxar's tear
Shroud of Phrax
powerful talisman; the symbol of Phrax's domain; a white linen burial shroud with a black willow tree woven into the cloth; wellspring of Phrax's power; kept on the plane of earth
Well of the Souls
a bottomless well on the plane of earth; filled with the concentrated anguish and torment of the human soul; will never run dry because the human soul will never be perfected
Pillar of Terza
an obelisk in the heart of the Desert of Terza; a place for direct communication with Terza through prayers and offerings
Pyramid of Anharos
the burial tomb of Anharos in the Desert of Terza; from here Anharos is said to still combat evil; sacred shrine to the people of Evenhold who revere Anharos above all other men
Sword of Virtue
a mystical weapon with supernatural powers; its thrust is anathema to corrupt, degenerate, and evil beings
Talisman of Brynne
a magic medallion that confers great wisdom on the wearer; enchanted by the breath of Brynne; gold embossed with a picture of Brynne laying hands on the heads of kneeling kings and potentates
Hand of Phrax
a potent talisman which signifies that the recipient is the favored one of Phrax; a golden hand with an ebony finger
enchanted axe fashioned by the mage, Molgrest; charged with the power of lightning when used at sea due to imperfection in spell of enchantment
enchanted sword fashioned by the dark dwarf, Fulstan; it is sentient and drinks the blood of its victims