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The Eamon Atari ST conversion by Michael Detlefsen is a conversion of the standard, Apple-based Eamon adventure game system to the Atari ST platform, developed from 1986 to 1987. The conversion includes a Main Hall, a Dungeon Designer Disk, and several converted adventures; an original adventure, The Star Portal, was planned for the platform but never released for it. Detlefsen abandoned his Eamon platform in 1987 in favor of the Adventure Game Toolkit.

Title Detlefsen Eamon Number Notes
Main Hall / The Beginners Cave 0
The Zyphur Riverventure 1
The Quest for the Holy Grail 2
The Death Star 3
The Devil's Tomb 4 Detlefsen announced in April 1987 that this "fourth translation" was "currently in the works"; it's uncertain if it was completed or released.
Dungeon Designer Disk

Detlefsen reported that an Eamon enthusiast named Jeff Chin was working on three further adventure translations for the Atari ST, but the titles and whether they were ever completed is unknown.

One issue of an Atari ST newsletter was included as a text file.