Captain's Walk

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Captain's Walk is an east-west thoroughfare that crosses the northern portion of the harbor district in the city of Evenhold. It features in the Eamon adventure Buccaneer! by Pat Hurst.

The west end of Captain's Walk lies at the intersection with Sea Lane, a north-south street beyond which stands the Temple of Weyren. As it stretches east the street is mostly lined on the south side by the back walls of warehouses, while along the north is the Mariner's League (an officers club), an upscale tavern called the Crow's Nest, Grennithen's Cartography, the Merchants Federation building, Haggis and Son Undertakers, and finally the district's jail and jailyard at the district's northeast corner. The street also passes the district's clearinghouse, a large central plaza filled with peddlers and merchants' stands, as well as a chandlery.