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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

Ramdisk Eamon is a version of Eamon created in the mid-1980s by Ted Swartz to take advantage of the higher operating speed provided by a Saturn-compatible ramcard. Swartz sent a copy to EAG president Tom Zuchowski who reviewed it in the 1989 club newsletter. Writes Zuchowski:

I found that it loaded at best 20% faster than a regular disk-based Eamon, because most of the time savings were eaten up by the time spent configuring the system and transferring the disk contents to the ramdisk. Once loaded, it wasn't noticeably faster than disk-based Eamon. Regular Eamon can read the disk and print it to the screen faster than you can read it, so any speed enhancement in this area goes unnoticed. The speed problems in Eamon have always been in the area of inefficient programming, which is not enhanced by the ramdisk.

Zuchowski said he didn't think Swartz's project was distributed through any public-domain suppliers, and no copies are known to be available.