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The multiverse is the totality of all possible universes, dimensions, planes, and realities in Eamon. Though most adventures take place within the universe of the world of Eamon, some are set in other realms or mention places beyond the normal physical universe. The nature and relationships of these areas is often unspecified and unclear.


Known regions of the multiverse are listed below:

Material plane
This is the normal physical universe occupied by the worlds of Eamon, Earth, and countless others in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond, in which the great majority of Eamon adventures take place.
Outer planes
Pat Hurst's Eamon Gazetteer describes the outer planes as regions occupied by a variety of elemental deities.
  • Plane of Air, whose major god is Minden and major goddess is Brynne.
  • Plane of Earth, whose majors gods are Phrax (god of the Underworld) and Mlat. The Underworld may exist within the Plane of Earth.
  • Plane of Fire, whose major god is Alaxar and major goddess is Terza. Also home to the demigod Moridai and arch-demon Krell.
  • Plane of Water, whose major god is Weyren.
Dimensions of the Element Lords
Four pocket dimensions, originally prisons for the Element Lords but later molded by them into closely-aligned strongholds reflecting their elemental powers (Elemental Apocalypse).
  • Dimension of Air ruled by Aerinie.
  • Dimension of Earth ruled by Terralar.
  • Dimension of Fire ruled by Pyrano.
  • Dimension of Water ruled by Hydronor.
Asgard and Jotunheim
Lands of Norse legend (Journey to Jotunheim, Ragnarok Revisited).
Clone Master universe
An unidentified universe accessible through a dimensional rift. Home to the Clone Master.
Land of Dharma
Home of the Olympian gods (DharmaQuest).
Dimension of Dreams
Accessible through "a rift in the fabric of reality", the dimension includes the Bridge of Death and the Chasm of Trowsk, and is guarded by the Demon of Trowsk (Orb of My Life).
Eighth dimension
The Zontar Ray Machine sends matter to this dimension through a rip in the fabric of time and space (FutureQuest II).
Realm of Fantasy
"An ever-changing manifestation of creations we've imagined", accessible through a hole near the Main Hall (Realm of Fantasy).
An infernal realm (The Devil's Tomb).
An "international and inter-dimensional zone" on another planet (Adventure in Interzone).
A plane occupied by Vaprak the Destroyer (The Caves of Mondamen).
A "vast nothingness" where beings may exist forever in limbo (The Vile Grimoire of Jaldi'al).
World of Light and Darkness
Also called "LifeQuest World", home to fabled Paradise. Its main entrance, guarded by seraphim, is near Evenhold.
Universe of Zagora
A "parallel universe" that's home to the evil world of Zagora (Rhadshur Warrior).

The interdimensional translocator used in The Museum of Unnatural History transports the adventurer to a desert area in another unnamed dimension. In similar fashion, the transport device in Gamma 1 connects to an alternate version of Earth in a parallel universe.