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This is a Class B (silver star) article.

The newsgroup is a Usenet forum dedicated to interactive fiction that features occasional discussions about Eamon and related topics. The primary newsgroup for Eamon-specific discussions is


The newsgroup has nearly 30,000 topics, of which many are spam and only a very small portion make reference to Eamon. Those that do are gathered below for easier browsing.

Topic Date Originator Posts
IF-related blogs not covered by Planet IF 12 March 2010 Erik Temple 5
Looking for a IF game - or better, a textual open ended rpg 21 December 2007 samtam90 12
Thoughts on Beyond Zork's Design 23 September 2007 albtraum 81
Newbie Question - Infix under Glulx 11 April 2006 Haylo 10
DnD engine? 14 October 2003 Rexx Magnus 19
Platform in Baf's guide 13 January 2002 kodrik 8
Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder Updated 29 September 2001 Paul Allen Panks 7
Combat in IF? 13 June 2001 Mr Bungle 32
FUDGE as an IF system 6 December 2000 pblock 26
Works that should NOT be done as IF [Humour[ 16 October 2000 Jonadab the Unsightly One 76
The OTHER SCOTT ADAMS 15 August 1997 Jimmy Huey 4
Another authoring system... 24 August 1996 Tinman 2
Eamon Main Hall source code 27 June 1995 Paul Gilbert 1
Help I need a textgame builder!!!! 25 May 1994 Nathan 4

This list omits the regular updates by Volker Blasius about recent additions to the Interactive Fiction Archive in which Eamon adventures appear.

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