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Reddit is a social news and discussion website founded in 2005 where users share comments, links, images, and videos that other users then vote up or down. Posts are grouped by subject into user-managed forums known as "subreddits".

A subreddit for Eamon (r/Eamon) was created in March 2012 and is moderated by users Justinsayin and Growsomegarlic. As of late 2021 it has 12 members and a handful of posts.


The table below shows a selection of subreddits related to Eamon and the broader CRPG and retro computing communities, with approximate member counts for each c. mid 2024.

Subreddit Created Members
Apple II 12 January 2010 5,500
CRPG 16 July 2010 13,000
Eamon 15 March 2012 21
RPG Gamers 4 September 2011 196,000
Vintage Apple 3 May 2013 54,000

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