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Coordinates: 50°44′56″N 7°12′20″E / 50.7490°N 7.2056°E / 50.7490; 7.2056

Schloss Birlinghoven near Bonn, former home of the GMD.

The GMD Interactive Fiction Archive, often identified by the address, was an FTP archive of interactive fiction software established in November 1992 by Volker Blasius of the Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (Society for Mathematics and Information Technology) in Bonn, Germany. The archive became the preeminent online source of IF software in 1990s with thousands of items available for free download both directly from GMD and through a variety of mirrors on other sites. Stephen Granade of Brass Lantern called it "the first place to go when you needed to download something"; Baf described it as "the principal place from which new text adventures are disseminated" and "a repository for old games." EAG president Tom Zuchowski writing in the EAG Newsletter in the late 1990s listed GMD several times as a good source of Eamon software.

In July 2001 Volker announced that the German government had sold GMD to the Fraunhofer Institutes and he would no longer be able to host the archive, so he passed control of the project to The Interactive Fiction Archive at, a popular web-based mirror of GMD established in January 1999 by Andrew Plotkin and Paul Mazaitis.

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