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Recreational Computing logo.png
Frequency Bimonthly
Publisher People's Computer Company
Location Menlo Park, California
First issue October 1972
Final issue October 1981
ISSN 0164-5846

Recreational Computing (originally People's Computers) was a bimonthly magazine published by the non-profit People's Computer Company of Menlo Park, California. The magazine ran one of the earliest articles on Eamon, a 1980 piece penned by Donald Brown introducing and describing the game.


The magazine began in 1972 under the title People's Computer Company, changing to People's Computers in 1978 and Recreational Computing in 1979. Its final issue was in October 1981 when it was acquired by Compute! magazine (ISSN 0194-357X), a publication which ran until September 1994.

Source articles

"What Is All This Stuff?"

Issue 39 cover

This article by Charlie Krank, written the same year that Donald Brown was first developing Eamon, explores computer-based fantasy role-playing. Originally printed in Different Worlds in February, it was re-published in the May/June 1979 issue of Recreational Computing (volume 7, number 6) on pages 34-37.

"The Wonderful World of Eamon"

Issue 46 cover

Donald Brown's detailed article describes some of the challenges of fantasy role-playing games and the ways computers can solve them. He introduces his Eamon system, describing how characters are built and how combat and adventuring occurs, and walks through examples from the Main Hall and Beginners Cave. The article was published in July/August 1980 (volume 9, number 1) on pages 32-41.

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