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Coordinates: 30°10′20″N 97°45′03″W / 30.1723°N 97.7509°W / 30.1723; -97.7509

Frequency Monthly
Publisher Steve Jackson
Location Austin, Texas
First issue March 1975
Final issue 1985
ISSN 0194-9977

The Space Gamer was a monthly/bimonthly magazine dedicated to science fiction and fantasy board games and role-playing games, initially published by Metagaming Concepts and later by Steve Jackson Games.

The September 1981 issue (#43) featured a review by editor Forrest Johnson of Donald Brown's adventure game SwordThrust.

The October 1981 issue (#44) included a review by Steve Jackson of Jim Jacobson's Mission Escape.

Scott Everts reportedly placed ads in the magazine for his RPG software.

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