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Eamon dragon t-shirt by Chris Torrence.

Eamon merchandise is rare given the non-commercial nature of the game series, but known commercial products related to the game are listed below, followed by information on the current market for collectible Eamon-related items.



Though the main Eamon series is non-commercial and freely distributed, some related software projects have been commercial ventures:


Main article: Eamon CD

The Eamon CD is a compact data disc produced in 2000 by Tom Zuchowski that contains all the Eamon adventures available at the time, plus maps, pictures, all the newsletters, and other miscellaneous items. The CD sold for $3 including shipping.


Main article: Eamon Notebook

John Nelson announced his project to create "the official Eamon notebook" (a customized three-ring loose-leaf binder) in the October 1984 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Log:

The notebook idea has struck a lot of members fancy and we would like to proceed with it... The cost of the notebooks to members will be $10 each plus postage and handling. They are 100% vinyl with padded covers and backs, silk-screened with the Eamon Dragon and lettered in Old English script along the spine. They will have pockets on the inside for placing notes and will be a standard size (8 1/2 x 11) 1" thick.

Nelson also later described it as "the perfect place to keep your EAG newsletters!"

Diskette labels

In the early 1990s SoftKey Publishing sold a set of pre-printed Eamon diskette labels, with the diskette names in Old English-style type. The set covered all EAG adventures at the time, plus master disks and dungeon design and utility disks. SoftKey sold the label set for $5. Tom Zuchowski described them in the December 1990 issue of the Eamon Adventurer's Guild Newsletter, noting that "they are very popular among people who have seen SoftKey disks, and after receiving several requests they have decided to make the label set available as a separate item."


Assembly Lines, a retro computer t-shirt store operated by Chris Torrence (@CT6502), sells an Eamon dragon t-shirt for $19.95, introduced around the time the store opened in June 2019.

Auctions and resale prices

Pieces of Eamoniana sometimes appear for sale at auction sites like eBay or through other collectible vendors. This section documents Eamon-related items that have appeared for sale on public sites from c. 2018 onward as an aid to anyone interested in determining going rates for Eamon materials and collectibles.

Omitted are listings where Eamon disks are part of a larger lot of software.

Item Condition Posted Sold Price Listing
Main Street and Softdisk editions of SwordThrust
Good 2 February 2024 9 February 2024 $192.71 eBay #305382045252
DharmaQuest for Lightning Eamon
Good 30 July 2023 6 August 2023 $645.00 eBay #394779171023
Eamon disks (set of 10)
Good 27 January 2023 Unsold ($29.95) eBay #266104100011
SwordThrust #1, Softsmith edition
Good 13 November 2022 5 December 2022 $149.00 eBay #175487716044
Eamon disks (set of 109)
Very good 21 March 2022 28 March 2022 $43.00 eBay #304360005169
Eamon disks (set of 9)
Acceptable 16 February 2022 26 February 2022 $5.00 eBay #304360005169
SwordThrust complete set
Very good 8 December 2021 15 December 2021 $3,666.00 eBay #324929529968
SwordThrust #1
Very good 27 October 2021 3 November 2021 $187.69 eBay #194470674012
Castle of Doom disk
Acceptable 2 July 2021 Unsold ($24.95) eBay #363453103988
SwordThrust master disk
Acceptable 2 July 2021 Unsold ($24.95) eBay #114872772916
The Vampyre Caves disk
Acceptable 2 July 2021 Unsold ($24.95) eBay #363453107084
Eamon Player's Manual and Designer's Manual, printed
Acceptable 29 October 2020 8 November 2020 $28.00 eBay #114488990232
Assorted Eamon adventure and utility disks (x21)
Acceptable 28 October 2020 Unsold ($65.00) eBay #284060536713
SwordThrust #1 Softsmith edition, box and manual (no disk)
Acceptable 19 October 2020 26 October 2020 $292.00 eBay #254753203557
Assorted Eamon adventure disks (x14)
Acceptable 15 October 2020 Unsold ($124.95) eBay #362941728417
Super Eamon Starter Set
Acceptable 2 February 2020 9 February 2020 $349.95 eBay #362898191472
SwordThrust #1
Good 2 February 2020 9 February 2020 $1,325.00 eBay #362898192065
Assorted Eamon adventure and utility disks (x9)
Good c. September 2019 7 October 2019 $19.99 eBay
Super Eamon
Acceptable c. February 2019 18 February 2019 $79.95 eBay
Eamon adventure disks 3, 4, 5, 6 Good c. September 2018 15 September 2018 $14.99 eBay

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